She Says “Yes”

What if, when faced with uncertainty and change in our lives, we
celebrated? What if, instead of trying to hang on to the familiar and the known, we learned to view tough situations as opportunities for adventure and for deepening our understanding of ourselves and the world around us?

This is what #FiSaysYES is all about. It’s not about saying “yes” to all the donuts there ever was, going out all the time, doing anything anyone asks of me. It’s about finding the courage to face my fears, my change, and my truth. It’s about living with my heart rather than my mind, living in the moment, acting spontaneously, and being guided by love so that I can lead an authentic and fulfilling life.

And yeah, my heart was broken. I’m going through a change. But this isn’t about that or him. I’m not struggling or crying for help. This is about me taking charge and finding me, letting go of certainty, and living the life I’m supposed to be living. And as I do that, I know everything else will follow. So yeah, yeah, yeah, yeS, yES, YES. #FiSaysYES

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