For All That Will Be, Yes

“For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes.” :: So this is Christmas. Last year, at this time, shit got real, life got hard, and reality slapped me in the face. I took some time to think, swallow, cry and then I made the tough decision to lean. Lean on my family. Lean on my friends–something I’m notoriously *terrible* at doing. But, I knew that if I was going to thrive/become stronger that I’d need to lean…and say “yes.”

There’s six days left in my #FiSaysYES year and I’m overwhelmed with the feels. I’m feeling so much joy for how far I’ve come and the relationships I’ve built/developed/strengthened. Mournfulness for the loss of a life I thought I had and for the ‘closing’ of this surprisingly kick ass year. Nostalgia for one of the greatest, most memorable 12 months of my life. Apprehension for what and who’s ahead. Enthusiasm because I truly think I’ve connected/reunited with almost every single one of my friends and family (fortuitously and purposefully). Readiness to take “yes” to the next level (if that’s possible!). And thankful for all the experiences–good, tough, bad, ugly, amazing–that have led me back to Fi.

So this is Christmas. I wish you and yours a beautiful holiday season filled with love, blessings, gratitude and smiles. I also leave you with some words of advice: Always back down from the notorious triple dog dare. There’s no such thing as too many layers. BB guns are not to be confused with toys. Dig into those lonely moments, because they’re just moments. Take time to reflect on all the meaningful things in your life. Don’t be afraid of a broken heart. And there’s nothing more important than friends and family. Oh…and say “yes.” Merry Christmas, my loves.

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