I Do It For The Story

Oh, #FiSaysYES. What a year we had, right? As I jumped in to 2016, I wondered: What happens to #FiSaysYES? Do I pack it up? Make a new goal? I did something I almost never do: I asked for advice (and took some unsolicited advice).

Nick, you commented that I get a new hashtag. I came up with #FiTheChange and #FiLaVie?

Zack, you suggested I keep it going in 2016. I’m down!

Mike L. and Aaron, you told me to move on. New Year, New Fi. I get it. I’ll keep moving forward.

Arthur doesn’t see anything wrong with saying “yes” for another year or forever. He’d also like me to TM the hashtag. Adore his business mind.

Mike T., you think #FiSaysNo will be good for me. Fine, fine. I’m going to do that a little more. My immune system thanks you.

Donald, you said that no one likes yearly fads and that this is now my identity. I like this.

Annie and Amy, you told me if it makes me feel good and helps me, to keep it. It really does. It holds me accountable to a way of life that I’ve grown to love. Yahhhssss.

David, you’re sensing a life change; you don’t think I can plan what’s next for #FiSaysYES. You’re right. Truth is an experience. Not a belief. And I’m excited about this.

Fred, when I asked you what to do, you replied, “Say ‘yes’ forever, my dear.” This was my favorite piece of advice. I will.

A number of you also encouraged me to write about my experience…Steph, Virginia, Jenn. I love this idea and have been thinking about it for some time. I do have some silly and sweet stories to tell…So this year, I’ll be putting fingers to keyboard to get it started. We’ll see what happens. David and Amy: Prepare for editing duties. I’m terrified but ready.

“YES” has become who I am. It’s the way I live. The way I see. The way I love. And honestly, life is just better this way.

In 2016, I will be taking this “yes” thing to the next level and living the life I want, writing the story I want. More spontaneity, less fear, more intention. I hope to see you on the journey. Because last year was hella fun.

Happy New Year, friends and family. Now let’s go do it for the story.

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