Sweet Moments

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

I don’t know this little girl. But she stood on the chair seated at the other side of the tiny table where I sat and ate my breakfast. She kept me company while she watched in awe as the freshly baked cakes were iced and the oversized cupcakes were decorated.

Meanwhile, I looked down at my phone and scrolled through Instagram. After about five minutes, she turned to me and shared that her favorite cake was chocolate. “Chocolate?” It took me a minute to realize she was speaking to me. I let her know mine was strawberry. “Stwabeawy?!”

She then ducked down below the window and asked me to tell her when the bakers walked by so she could jump up and scare them. I alerted her. She jumped. They didn’t get scared.

She told me she could watch them make cakes all day and all night. As I looked through the window at the massive bowl of icing, I told her I could, too. But then she realized everyone would probably get tired at night. She has a good point.

It was time for me to go so I said goodbye. She quickly jumped off the chair and hugged my legs so tight. It was the sweetest little hug. “I’m Fiana.” “I’m Emma. It was nice to meet you, Faaana.” “Nice to meet you, too, Emma.” Heart warmed. Day made.

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