You are Beautiful

“You are beautiful because you let yourself feel. And that is a brave thing.”

So I have writers block. But what I know is that I’m feeling plenty right now. Feeling giddy about the sweet, supportive notes I received this past weekend. Feeling heartbroken about one note, which seemed to question my integrity and my process. Feeling grateful for my friends –it’s pretty cool to have a friend who supports you and believes in you more than you do. Feeling stoked for the day (eh maybe not so stoked about the five miles I have to run). Feeling refreshed after such a delightful weekend. Feeling scared after telling you about all these feels.

I came to Amsterdam with some weight on me (the translation works in more ways than one 🐽). My so called life has decided that now is the time to teach me some more hard lessons. It’s testing my strength. Making me question my truth, my path. Showing me things I need to see to make moves. (Maybe a reason for that writer’s block.)

I’ve learned that there will always be those challenges and setbacks. All different kinds, big and small and ugly and hard. They’re all a part of our story. What I forgot was how far I’ve come and how setbacks don’t have to be permanent as long as I keep chugging along. Step by step. Head up high. Feeling it all. That’s when the real breakthroughs happen. I love a good breakthrough.

Doei-doei, Amsterdam!

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