Slow and Steady

Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast. :: I’ve been frustrated with running lately. It’s felt like a chore. I’ve been exhausted. Ugh! I have to run again?!

One friend coach said to take a long break. Another friend coach said to slow it down. I thought both pieces of advice were insane.

After a brief 2-day hiatus and a rough day, I needed to run again. So I did. But this time, the fatigue I felt gave me no other option but to go slow and steady. At the start, I had to forgive myself for not going faster. I had to remind myself that I’m capable of speed, but today was not the day. Then I noticed something. I could breathe easier. I was relaxed. I thought less about the next step. I felt like I could run for days. And I was proud of myself.

Complexity loves speed and uncertainty. But slowing down allows you to move faster, further and with greater purpose. Six more weeks until the big race. I’ve got this.

I was accused of being in love with running. But, nah. I think I’m just a little in love with me.


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