What a Dia

Tired of the city? Long week? Too much party? Then buy the ticket, take the ride and go somewhere for a Dia.

All week, I couldn’t wait until the weekend. I’d be getting my hair blonded, I’d go on some long training runs, I’d get some yoga in, and I’d sleep so much.

Then my friend “LHood” sent me a text: Hey. Interested in a trip to Dia:Beacon on Saturday?

I thought about it. I love Dia:Beacon. It’s a museum in the cutest town, Beacon, just two hours from the city. Easy train ride. I do need quality friend time. But I also need to get some runs in since the half marathon is about a month away. And my gray hairs need to get covered up ASAP. Hmm..a day trip away from the city would be nice. But it would be a whole day…Is this a “yes” moment? Yep. It is.

Last night, I went out with a new friend. She just moved to the city and I wanted to get to know her. So, as any New Yorker would do, I took her to drink pitchers of margaritas after work. Cue three too many margaritas, tons more fun and a blurry end to the night.

As you can assume, this morning, Dia day, I couldn’t really move. Head pounding. Stomach queasy. But if I didn’t go to upstate with my friends, what would I do instead? Sleep. Ahh that sounded nice. No, no. Go, Fi. Go.

I snoozed a bit before getting ready. The train we were taking was at 11:43 AM from Grand Central. It would take 38 minutes to get to the station. I left at 11 AM. (Never cut commute times this close. Just don’t.)

A couple subway reroutes and a $20 cab later, I missed the train. I had two choices: Go home and sleep off this horrible hangover or catch another train an hour later. Despite the challenges of the morning, I really did want to take the trip. So why not just eat a much-needed greasy breakfast while waiting for the next train and meet everyone out there a bit later? Fine, FINE

Worth it? Oh, yes. I had such a solid day. Saw some contemporary art. Had some big laughs. Ate some delish food. It was good to be back in Beacon. The last time I was in that town was a little more than a year ago; and my state of mind was much different. Sadder. Confused. Hurt. This time, I was in a better place. I could actually see the beauty around me and enjoy it. And this time, I didn’t strip down in public. 😉

Hey, a commitment is a commitment. Yes is yes. I might have been tardy for the party but the dia must go on. And a sweet dia it was.

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