Doing it Right

That moment you realize you might be getting it right.

This weekend, I strayed a bit. Being home has come to mean laundry, bills, errands, chores, groceries (kidding, I don’t buy groceries). I wake up. Do the things. And then…ugh.

So this past weekend, I changed it up. I skipped Dateline to hang with a new friend (skipping Dateline is a BFD BTW). I took a trip upstate for the day and went to one of my favorite museums. I stayed in bed for an hour longer, I ran ten miles for the first time ever, I picked up the guitar after a lengthy hiatus and learned a new song (and even sang it…out loud–thanks, Ethan!). Then I went to the most beautiful yoga class, which was taught by my instructor (Rebecca Jo) from that life-changing yoga retreat I went to in Tulum a while back. We used our breath to guide us into a place of silent reflection. Something I needed so badly.

*And then I bought a tangerine Quartz, which is said to activate the flow of creativity and release self-made limiting beliefs. I love gems, FYI.*

I still have laundry. My new Roomba needs to be charged. And the errands are still on the list. But it’s ok. Sometimes you have to change things up. Because if you do what you always did, then you’re only going to get what you always got.

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