Come As You Are

I recently came home from a blast of a weekend at Coachella in Indio, California. I danced around the desert to the tunes of Miike Snow, Flume, and Grimes. I sang at the top of my lungs along with LCD Soundsystem, Ice Cube, and Sia. I made new friends who had me laughing and giddy the entire weekend.

Just a few years ago, this isn’t something I would have done. Saying “yes” when a friend asks to me to go a festival only two weeks before, giving me little to no planning time. Renting a house with a crew of people I’ve just met. Do I even have a bed to sleep on? Not sure. Running 5 miles in the hot desert to meditate and train before starting the days. Letting loose, flailing my arms and dancing my heart out with each amazing performance without even worrying what others think.

The truth is, I can be a pretty shy, closed person. I used to hide behind my mother’s legs when meeting new people. Or stand so far away so that I wouldn’t have to hug them to say hello or goodbye. But it seems that with each “yes” I’m subconsciously pushing myself to go past my comfort zone, extend my reach beyond my safe little circle, and dance to the beats of my very own drum. I’m enjoying special moments with new friends who come from all different parts of the world and who have so many unique stories to tell. I’m even hugging them. And thanks to Facebook and Insta, we’ll probably keep in touch and maybe even see each other again. Actually, I know we will. I’ll make sure of it.

The unknown is only scary if you continue to avoid it. And I’m really good at avoidance. But I’m quickly seeing that everyone I meet has something to teach me. So why not replace fear with curiosity? Learn a little. Go to the happy hour alone. Take the trip with new friends. Dance wherever, whenever, however you want. Come as you are.

Based on the little experience I’ve had doing this, I have a feeling there will be more rewards in the end. Yes.

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