Gut Check

I’ve been pushing myself a little hard with the running thing. With the Airbnb Brooklyn Half just a few weeks away, which is my very first half marathon and my very first running anything, the thought of struggling through it or not finishing it has scared the bejeezus out of me.

To help me out a bit, I’ve let go of setting a time goal. Why put that kind of pressure on myself? I’ve slowed my pace during my training runs. It’s a building process, right? I’ve forgiven myself for skipping a day or two of training. Total lie.

I’m going to confess something. Ugh. Here goes. I’m *slightly* competitive. So when the Nike running app tells me I need to run 36 miles in a week and I’ve fallen behind due to travel or exhaustion, I absolutely freak out, cram in extra miles, run a lot in a short period of time to either meet that goal or beat it. (Beating it is my favorite.) However…apparently…this is how people get injured.

So, I’m slightly injured. I’ve been feeling some hefty leg pain and running despite it. Pushing myself even further even though my body has been screaming for help. When I told a friend that I’m having a hard time walking at the moment (that’s normal, right?), he recommended that I not run the 12 miles I had planned to run over the weekend. Obvious advice. I slyly agreed knowing that I was going to run it anyway. Enter stomach virus. Fine. I won’t run.

Laying on the couch all weekend–bum legs propped up on a pillow, applesauce for dinner, Pedialyte all day–I’m learning that mayyyybe I overdid it. And strangely, I’m grateful for the forced rest. I really did need it and I really wasn’t going to give it to myself.

Everyone has a unique balance point because we all do things a little differently.  There are times when you need to throttle up and times when you need to throttle down. Pace yourself. Make choices and not only accept those choices but enjoy them. Embrace the off button. Shall I say…say “no”?

I’m good at the throttle up part. Now it’s time to get better at throttling down. I’m not going to lie, 48 hours of couch time has been quite beautiful. Get this, I’ve even entered 1997 and signed up for Netflix and Hulu. And my achy legs? Feeling ten times better. Guess I’ll probably have a more promising chance of finishing my first half marathon with legs that aren’t over it.

Ahh…Thanks for the gut check/reset, stomach virus. But, we’re all set, right? Yes?




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