Thank You’s

Today, I am thankful.

I’ve got 24 hours until I run my very first half marathon. Sure, I’m stuck in bed with a sinus infection, I haven’t run much all week, and this jet lag is a bitch. But I’ve gotta say your love and encouragement have given me the extra lift I need to feel good about knocking out 13.1 tomorrow. Thanks for the advice and cheers, my dears.

I also wanted to give a *special* shout-out to those who helped me reach and surpass my Team for Kids fundraising goal. Your generous support went straight toward the development of programs that combat childhood obesity. And your thoughtfulness went straight toward my feet and my heart. Thank you.

•Rebecca “Eckabee” Gibson – met in 2002 @ Ketchum Dallas. She fed me mudslides and muffins on the reg and has continued to be my favorite super coach in running and in life. Love you.

•Jen Douglas – met in 2004 @ Teach For America Chicago/NY. So thankful I went through one of the biggest work crises of my career  with you on the other end of the phone (while I hid under my desk). I watched this lady run for fun throughout the years and called it crazy. Now I get it. So many laughs with this one.

•Jenn Tudder Walus – met in 2005 @ Edelman Chicago. One of my all-time favorite bosses. Back then, she entrusted me with more than I imagined I could handle; and in turn showed me I could actually do it all. She continues to inspire and lift me up each day. It’s the best.

•Lou Hernandez – met in 2003 @ Ketchum Dallas/Chicago. Long-distance love turned ex-boyfriend turned super coach and super friend. He’s the reason I’m running this town and I’m stoked he’s flying in from Chicago so we could do it together. Thanks for believing in me. (Proud of you for sticking to your goal of running a half a month and kicking ass every time. Maybe I’ll…nah.)

•Laura Hood – met in 2014 in NYC. One of my favorite Brooklynites. When we’re together I know I’m going to be with someone who really listens, really cares and someone who makes me laugh so hard I’ll really want to pee my pants.

•Penne Weidig – met in 2008 @ Givenchy. As a buyer for Tootsie’s in Houston, that Texas accent of hers and sweet demeanor win me over every time. I’ve learned a lot about openness from Penne. Your support is the kindest.

•Jose Colon – met in 2014 @ Brick NY. As a fellow member of the 8:30AM crossfit crew, I watched this man get stronger and stronger every day. Now he runs more than anyone I know. I can’t wait to strap on my running shoes in the coming months and grab post sweat margaritas and tacos with him. His postivie spirit makes my heart smile. And yeah, yeah, I’m going to keep running. Stay FreSH…

•Julissa Arce – met in 2014 @ Osteria Morini. A fellow Texas Ex, I have watched this beautiful woman hold her head up high as she tells her difficult story of life as an undocumented citizen via interview after interview, every social media platform available, and a book (she’s published!), I can’t explain how proud, inspired and thankful I am to have met and to know/love this lady.

•Amy Kwidzinski – met 2014 @ Brick NY. Started out as my crossfit coach who forever rolled her eyes at me when I didn’t push myself hard enough; and turned into my sweet, super forthright friend who still rolls her eyes at me when I don’t push myself hard enough. Thanks for always believing in me, Coach Amy.

•Abby Joseph – met 2006 through that TFA connection. One of the sweetest souls I know who has seen me through some of my greatest ups and downs and yet despite the distance has always made me feel like she is exactly right beside me.

•Gwen Schermer Gordon – met 2007 @ Givenchy/Pucci and then again in 2013 @ Saint Laurent. Let’s me just say I am completely, utterly thankful to work for someone who supports me like she does. I don’t know how I could have gotten through these past few years, standing/running as strong as I do today, without the encouragement she gives me day in and day out.

Thanks again for joining me on this journey and for supporting this awesome cause. You all are the best.

Feeling pretty glad I said “yes” to something I swore I’d never to. If you want to track me as I run tomorrow morning, click here. Here we go!

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