When Things Get 30

“Run, run, run, run, run, run…shoobie doobie la la la la la…” — Fiana

On July 1, at around 10PM, I said “yes” to 30 days of running. I started on July 2. This means that today is my last day. Yessssss.

Those who know me know I love a good challenge. And this one seemed to pique my interest as a real thing that would push me and make me feel miserable. So of course I wanted to do it!

After running the Brooklyn Half-Marathon at the end of May, it became quite easy to say, “Well, I just ran 13 miles so…I should rest.” The thing is, about three weeks after that, I continued to say the same thing. Yet, I had committed to running another half. But all the while, I still didn’t love running. So 30 days of running? Bring it.

I asked a friend to do it with me so we could hold each other accountable. We decided that the minimum amount we’d have to run each day was one mile. We also promised to text each other every day with a simple message: I ran. The friend…cough…cough…eventually quit. So I stopped sending those texts. Hmph.

If it was raining…I’d run. If I was hungover…I’d run. If I was tired AF…I’d run. If I didn’t have time…I’d run. If I didn’t want to…I’d run. If it was 95 degrees…I’d run. If I went to Crossfit…I’d run.

It wasn’t always an enjoyable experience. I wanted to quit all the time. But when Fi Says Yes…

Beyond all that, I also knew there was something more to this challenge beyond making myself miserable. The more I ran, the more I saw this whole thing as a highly effective method for personal growth.

Here are some things I learned from getting dirty with 30…

  • You get past the pain and the desire to quit. Just dig in and go and don’t look back.
  • I want to be someone who truly commits to commitments. No matter how much it sucks sometimes. This is good practice.
  • Ohhhhh so this is how you develop positive new habits. Yay fitness.
  • Ohhhh so this is how you get rid of those negative habits. Me and that snooze button aren’t as close as we used to be.
  • This is a great way to foster a range of new perspectives. It’s only a month. Worth it.
  • I’ve run 69.4 miles in July. I didn’t quit. I’m a total bad ass.

Let me be clear, I still don’t love running. But I continue to see so many of its positive effects on my life. So yes, I’m going to keep doing it. It’s just that now, I will have a rest day or two. Thank, GOD.

What’s next? Daily meditation for 30 days? Write or read for an hour each day? French? Practice my guitar? Give up alcohol? Ha. Ok, I won’t get too crazy.

But you guys, real quick. During my run today, I remembered this one time I went to an event hosted by Cosmopolitan Magazine where they honored the 50 hottest bachelors – one from each state. I ended up teaching Mr. Chicago how to Dougie. (I have no idea how to Dougie, by the way.) He later told me they were all going to Studio 54 afterwards. What? That place is closed. Nope, not that night. Sneaking in to this private event was the hardest part. Dancing with Mr. Utah all night long? The easy part. More on this story later…

Oh, yes. Things got 30.





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