Cheers to Us


Cheers to a year full of momentous ups and monumental downs.

Cheers to being better for it.

Cheers to the travels, the adventures, the risks.

Cheers to ringing in the year on a snowmobile and wrapping it up on the beach.

Cheers to Burning Man!

Cheers to the late nights, the early mornings.

Cheers to the music that keeps me dancing through the days.

Cheers to the gifts given and received, tangible and intangible.

Cheers to the sweet children of my friends and family who bring me so much joy.

Cheers to the two cats who bear with me through all the transitions and disappearances.

Cheers to mom and dad–to the two who continue to grow with me and support me through all the wins and all the losses. I love you.

Cheers to my brother. I’ve seen him stand up with me and for me more this past year than ever before.

Cheers to those who held me up and who picked me up and who reminded me that I can do anything.

Cheers to newfound wisdom and newfound openness.

Cheers to giving, being kind and doing good things.

Cheers to the miles run and to those who helped me cross the finish line. Thanks, Lou.

Cheers to all the friends from around the world I was able hug and the smiles they brought with them. This was truly a record year.

Cheers to new friends. I’m so grateful we’ve joined each other’s journeys.

Cheers to the sunrises and sunsets that made me gasp with each ray of love.

Cheers to resilience and strength.

Cheers to heartache and loss. Rest in peace, JEM.

Cheers to letting go and honoring the pain.

Cheer to growth. So.much.growth.

Cheers to seeing more than ever before. To clarity.

Cheers to the special friendships and my loyal family, to those who always roll out the red carpet for me.

Cheers to the universe who has my back and your back.

Cheers to love; cheers to new love.

Cheers to being the change you want to see. To possibility.

Cheers to your spirit and to your heart.

Cheers to your stride.

Cheers to us and to starting the new year together with beautiful energy.

Cheers to the end of this chapter, and the beginning of the next.

Cheers to yes. And more yes. And more yes. And more yes…

Cheers to the story.

Guys, I’m feeling good about 2017. I am. It’s not going to be easy. We’re coming off of a pretty tough year and looking ahead into one that seems a bit confused, lost. But there’s something about that spark I see in your eyes, the spark that ignited after enduring so much suffering this past year. The spark that wants change. And it’s that spark that makes me believe we’re going to have a different year, a better year…a year that is ours.

So cheers to us. Cheers to our year.

Happy New Year, my loves.




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