My Rock

Grateful for this man’s unwavering support this past year after I said “yes” to my first marathon.

He shoved me out of bed for early morning runs when I just wanted to sleep.

He watched me switch to a stricter, meatless diet and helped me stick to it.

He supported me when I quit alcohol 3 months before the race… during rosé season.

He kept me focused as I struggled with unbearable exhaustion and countless fears.

He walked me to the Brooklyn Half in May, greeted me after I crossed the Chicago Half finish line in July, and ran around NYC in the rain – with my family in tow – to get a glimpse of me twice during the TCS New York Marathon this past Sunday.

The night before the race, with a burn on his arm from ironing my name onto my singlet, he looked me in the eyes and told me there was no doubt in his mind that I could do this.

And at the end of it all, after I ran all 26.2 miles, he presented me with 26.2 fluffy, little donuts because he gets me.

I love you, Ian Ginsberg. Thank you for pushing me past that Central Park finish line and for making me feel extraordinary every single day.

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