Last Saturday, when I was feeling pretty shi$$y, I signed up to do 30 days of yoga with the lovely Adriene Mishler. Adriene offers free yoga videos via YouTube so you can practice when you want, how you want while wearing whatever you want (yes, even sweatpants!).

Sure, I’ve been on a couple yoga retreats, I’ve popped into a class here or there, I’ve instagrammed a yoga mat…but I haven’t been consistent about it in years. And when I was consistent, I remember everything felt better. I felt lighter and supported. Balanced. At ease.

Today is day nine. For the past nine days, I’ve been waking up, making tea and rolling out my mat. Each flow is 15-30 minutes long and has a different intention each time. The flows are easy breezy and a good little wake-up call to what I’m feeling, where my mind is and how I’m breathing. Everything really is connected.

21 more days to go. I love a good challenge. Let’s do this.





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