Go Get It

Life should be lived with overwhelming passion that everyone around you can see and feel.

Your friendships should urge you to be a better version of your beautiful self.

Your relationships ought to fill you with purpose and fire.

Your career should make you want to take your hair down and dance.

When you love yourself enough to stand in your truth, to live free, to live the way you want, everyone benefits. And one of the best things you can do to improve the world is improve yourself. Ahem..this isn’t all about you.

So if your life isn’t being lived with heart, if your friendships aren’t elevating you to greatness, if your relationships aren’t lighting you up, and if your career isn’t making you want to salsa when you rise, I hope you have the courage to change it.

Get clear on what kind of life will make you truly happy…and go get it.

Today is my first day as a personal trainer for Equinox. I’m nervous. I’m terrified. I’m anxious. I’ve always worked behind a desk. I’ve always held a salaried job. I’ve always worked full-time, Monday through Friday, from 9AM to 6PM.

But sharing the positive benefits of fitness and a healthy life is what I love to do. Sharing my story about how it’s helped me through some of my darkest moments comes naturally. I get fired up at the thought of coaching, mentoring, and leading others toward reaching their fullest potential inside and outside of the gym. I’ve been talking my friends’ ears off about doing something like this for quite some time. I guess you’d call it a passion.

I don’t know what will come of it or where I’ll end up or if I’ll even be good at it. All I know is that the Universe has handed me a pretty cool opportunity to do the thing I’ve been wanting to do. I asked for this. Thank you, Universe! (Be careful what you ask for, friends. You might just get it.)

So I commit right here, right now, to make this world a better place by being a member of society who followed her dream and started living with purpose and passion. As scared as I am, I’m going to “yes” the shit out of this moment and go into this with an open heart and open mind.

In fact, I’m going to up the ante and dive into this like a 5,000 pound gorilla standing atop a freight train chock-full of fuck yeah!

Might as well, right?

No better time than now. Let’s go get it. Choo-choo!

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