Bumble Who?

Since joining the single party — for the umpteeth time (no, really, it’s FINE) — I’ve been noticing that old school dating no longer exists. Like at all. From what I’m seeing, people don’t meet at bars or while volunteering or when hanging out in the park anymore. They go online. You guys, there are apps for… Read More Bumble Who?

Perfectly Imperfect

My journey hasn’t been the easiest. But I’ve made it my mission to keep laughing, loving, learning, living. Being perfectly imperfect and unapologetically Fi. And guess what’s starting to happen? Things are beginning to just click.


Yesterday on Insta, I posed the question, “What would you ask for if you knew the answer was yes?” I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit because…hmm…I actually don’t know. I’ve been trying to figure out what this means. The whole not knowing thing. Am I lost? Am I scared? Do I not want… Read More Stumped